Brainwashing and Mind control techniques
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Brainwashing and Mind control techniques

Brainwashing and Mind control techniques

For me the term 'Brainwashing' has a negative vibe to it, anything I've 
heard regarding brainwashing or to be brainwashed has always got to do with cults or prison camps. So I asked a few people what/how they felt when they here the phrase 'brainwash' do they get a positive or negative feel to it, all said negative (not that it surprised me).
 I began to think to myself (bare with me with this thought), when we are at school we are being educated but if our teachers are using SOME of the more subtle methods in brainwashing to teach us, are we being educated or brainwashed?. I mean from day dot we are told, groomed, nurtured  into thinking an living in a certain way, even if its for the better of mankind its still someones else's beliefs that has been past on or even if its education its still how they want us to think. If a parent who lets say is a mathematician, gives their child the best education possible from home schooling,  school, college to uni, and that child grows up to be lets say a world renowned mathematician, people would say he's a genius an his parents were there for him they should be proud... but .. if his parents were to raise a racist or someone with harsh views on life or women people would say hes been brainwashed.
 What I'm getting at is or rather what I'm asking, could there be a positive to brainwashing? I mean if brainwashing an education aim to reach the same goal (Basically) then are we all brainwashed to some level an in the same breath, do we brainwash others to?
The term "brainwashing" came into common language through the work of American journalist Edward Hunter who was an expert of Oriental issues; the very word being the direct translation of Chinese "hsi-nao". By "hsi-nao" the Chinese meant certain techniques in dealing with adversaries and/or training of officials. To the Western usage the term "brainwashing" spread in the 1950s through several publications depicting the treatment of American soldiers at Chinese prison camp during the Korean War 1950-1953.
Below is a list of the usual brainwashing/mind control techniques used in schools, hospitals, army, religious cults, totalitarian states; with political prisoners and dissidents, mentally insane, some versions of psychotherapy, etc., etc. "Indoctrination" is a more slight and more subliminal form of brainwashing (e.g. commercials). However, these concepts are nothing short of controversial and open to various interpretations, which should be kept in mind

1) HYPNOSIS - Inducing a high state of suggestibility, often thinly disguised as relaxation or meditation.
a. Repetitive Music (most likely with a beat close to the human heart 45 to 72 beats per minute). Most likely used during "study sessions" as the teacher will say the music helps you relax and concentrate better!
b. Voice Roll -- A "voice roll" is a patterned, paced style used by hypnotists when inducing a trance. It is also used by many lawyers, several of whom are highly trained hypnotists, when they desire to entrench a point firmly in the minds of the jurors. A voice roll can sound as if the speaker were talking to the beat of a metronome or it may sound as though he were emphasizing every word in a monotonous, patterned style. The words will usually be delivered at the rate of 45 to 60 beats per minute, maximizing the hypnotic effect.
c. Room "Feel" - The way a room feels is essential to hypnotizing unknowing subjects. It needs special lighting, florescent lights are best because they aren't too dim, but aren't too harsh. Also, Room Temp helps a bit, usually a little cooler than normal room temperature. You need to have the unknowing subjects very relaxed, perhaps even close to falling asleep.
2) PEER GROUP PRESSURE - Suppressing doubt and resistance to new ideas by exploiting the need to belong.
3) "LOVE BOMBING"- Creating a sense of family through physical touch, thought & feeling sharing and emotional bonding.
4) REJECTION OF OLD VALUES - Accelerating acceptance of new lifestyle by constantly denouncing former beliefs and values.
5) CONFUSING DOCTRINE - Encouraging blind acceptance and rejection of logic through complex lectures on an incomprehensible doctrine.
6) META COMMUNICATION-Implanting subliminal messages by stressing certain key words or phrases in long, confusing lectures.
7) REMOVAL OF PRIVACY - Achieving loss of ability to evaluate logically by preventing private contemplation.
8) DIS INHIBITION - Encouraging child-like obedience by orchestrating child-like behaviour
9) UNCOMPROMISING RULES - Inducing regression and disorientation by soliciting agreement to seemingly simple rules which regulate mealtimes, bathroom breaks and use of medications.
10) VERBAL ABUSE - Desensitizing through bombardment with foul and abusive language. (Physical abuse, such as torture, is the more extreme form of this.)
11) SLEEP DEPRIVATION AND FATIGUE - Creating disorientation and vulnerability by prolonging mental an physical activity and withholding adequate rest and sleep.
12) DRESS CODES - Removing individuality by demanding conformity to the group dress code.
13) CHANTING OR SINGING - Eliminating non-cult ideas through group repetition of mind-narrowing chants or phrases.
14) CONFESSION - Encouraging the destruction of individual ego through confession of personal weaknesses and innermost feelings of doubt.
15) FINANCIAL COMMITMENT- Achieving increased dependence on the group by 'burning bridges' to the past, through the donation of assets.
16) FINGER POINTING - Creating a false sense of righteousness by pointing to the shortcomings of the outside world.
17) ISOLATION - Inducing loss of reality by physical separation from family, friends, society and rational references.
18) CONTROLLED APPROVAL- Maintaining vulnerability and confusion by alternately rewarding and punishing similar actions.
19) CHANGE OF DIET - Creating disorientation and increased susceptibility to emotional arousal by depriving the nervous system of necessary nutrients through the use of special diets and/or fasting. Also applying drugs for these purposes fall in this category.
20) GAMES - Inducing dependence on the group by introducing games with obscure rules.
21) NO QUESTIONS - Accomplishing automatic acceptance of beliefs by discouraging questions.
22) GUILT - Reinforcing the need for 'salvation' by exaggerating the sins of the former lifestyles.
23) FEAR - Maintaining loyalty and obedience to the group by threatening soul, life or limb for the slightest 'negative' thought, word or deed.
Three Principles of Re-Education
1) REPETITION- Going through the same subject over and over again until it is known by heart.
2) ACTIVITY PEDAGOGICS - The subjects are never left alone nor give any private time of their own, they are always in activity.
3) CRITICISM AND SELF-CRITICISM - The subjects are supposed to feel uncertain; under the constant threat of being humiliated and despised.
Let me know what you all think?

8 Comments to Brainwashing and Mind control techniques:

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Baby C (Mellows) on 29 August 2011 10:53
Unfortunately I'd say Brainwashing/Teaching is not good or bad, more situational. I mean if your are shown something positive it can be called teaching but if you are shown something that changes your behaviour it can be called negative/brainwashing. So when a situation arises it is dependent on the educator/controller of that situation; ie. A gang/group of people - a Gang who's leader/educator has negative goals could be classed as negative/brainwashing, but a Group of people who's leader has positive goals would be seen as a teacher/mentor. Now both these leaders could and probably will change at any time to influence in a teaching/brainwashing manner. The problem I see and can admit to; is that sometimes we can only really tell the full impact of teaching/brainwashing after something has occurred as each human can interpret things differently. Although I do believe the world is filled with enough gullible people that the easily brainwashed are used to make decisions in the name of democracy. That means most things that can be used to educate TV, Books, Schools and so on are adjusted to suit the masses! And if you don't fit in you will feel out of place at sometime in your life. Personally I don't have a problem with not always fitting in!!!
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Ras Future on 29 August 2011 17:36
Bless Baby c thanks for taking the time to read an reply!! It seems that, if the situation has a postive tone to it, its then called teaching/mentoring, education, but if it has the opposite tone (negative) then we call it brainwashing. With the conversations i have had over this subject and what you have said about it, it makes me ask the following question(s), is there a thin line between brainwshing and mind control? Or is brainwashing and mind control all one thing? And why is it that we choose to seperate brainwashing/mind control from teaching, if they both have the same objective which is to make or have people think in a diffrent way?
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Jonathan on 03 September 2011 00:29
I've written two responses but deleted them both before posting. This has my head in a little twist. I know think that Brainwashing/Mind Control and simple education are one in the same, but extremes ends of the spectrum. Such as, Education would be the positive/benificial side of things and Brainwashing would be the negative end of the spectrum. But in all things free thinking should be applied to any knowledge taught or forced apon you. Hmmm.... still not sure though. you really got me !

Ras Future on 03 September 2011 17:19
Bless Jonathan good to hear from you!! lol this subject has drawn many a conversation.. personally my view is like what you said 'they are one in the same' I would go on to say with a thin line separating them, an that thin line is postive and negative. As much as you feel they are at extrem ends of the spectrum, so is love and hate but still love an hate have a clear thin line, an i think its this thing we call 'the thin line' which makes this subject as well as a lot of others debatable with all sorts of views. But what i find as i continue to talk to people, is that everybody (i've spoken to so far) separates the two with good or bad, positive or negartive... Question: If we say its about positive and negative, what do we call it if we have a negative school teacher or professor whos methods of teaching are aggresive or questionable or even brutal? What LABLE do we use now?.. One more thing I love your statement.. 'free thinking should be applied to any knowledge taught or forced apon you'. because the free thinker will always ask quesions an not live in a mind set of acceptance..

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would say he's a genius an his parents were there for him they should be proud... but .. if his parents were to raise a racist or someone with harsh views on life or women people would say hes been brainwashed.

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